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Executive Detox and Luxurious Drug Rehab

Executive Detox and Premier Drug Treatment

You are a highly successful business executive, and every day thousands of people depend on your decisions. Very few people understand the special pressures that you routinely face.

In fact, those special pressures can put you at greater risk for alcoholism and drug addiction than the average person. And even though you are used to those pressures, accustomed to functioning well despite your dependence on alcohol or drugs, the problem will only get worse until it consumes you.

And when your drug or alcohol problem becomes an addiction, much more is at stake. Your family, your business associates, and your stakeholders can’t afford to wait for you to recover. So what do you do?

Traditional rehabilitation programs don’t suit your special needs. They are often hospital based, not private or exclusive. They isolate you from your business affairs. And they don’t cater to your specific needs.

Trying to find an exclusive alcohol detox program on your own is another headache you don’t need right now.

You need a private facility where you can go away for a short time and receive intensive detox and therapy treatments, all while conducting business on your laptop—conditions most rehabilitation hospitals are unwilling to provide.

But if you are reading this, you have found the right place. We are a confidential, exclusive referral service linked to exclusive and specialized rehabilitation centers all over the United States.

Your Five-Star Rehab Suite Is Ready for You

Do you need a program that works with your insurance plan? We know many insurance detox programs.

Are you looking for a completely private detox center that is not tied to any insurance plans and is completely off the record? We can find that place for you.

Would you rather receive treatment in a relaxing spa, complete with five-star amenities and gourmet food? We have connections to the most exclusive, high-end facilities.

Are you trying to find an alternative, holistic detox rehab center? We can find that place for you, too.

Are you dependent on prescription drugs and find that addiction is clouding your judgment? We know where you can go for help for a prescription drug detox.

Our nationwide network includes specialized rehabilitation and state-of-the-art medical supervision, including:

• Private resort facilities with five-star amenities
• Non-insurance payment plans
• Holistic treatment techniques
• Luxurious rehab spas
• Working rehabilitation
• Post-detox treatment
• Out-patient rehabilitation

One Phone Call Could Give You Your Life Back

Your extraordinary talents should not be wasted at the bottom of a glass or on the inside a bottle of pills. Our specially trained professional counselors can find a program that fits your special needs and put you on the fast track to recovery.

But you have to walk through the door. The worst thing you can do is ignore your addiction. It won’t cure itself, and professionally moderated rehabilitation is the best way to recovery.

You’re used to getting things done, but trying to cure yourself is next to impossible, even for such an accomplished person as you.

Call our no-obligation, toll-free number now, and take the first step to ridding yourself of a life-threatening addiction. We will assess your needs and connect you with an exclusive detox hospital, staffed with professionals who understand and cater to your unique needs.